Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's been a while

Wow~ i didn't realized that it's already two weeks since i last posted here. I was sick so hubby told me not to stay in front of the computer for too long. I planned to visit you and post here last weekend but my in laws visited us. Of course i have many things to blog about but those are for my personal and food blog. I have nothing to post here in my travel blog because it's too cold to go out so we can't travel. We are planning to go out next month but it's outside Korea and i don't think i can post about my travel here. hmmmm.... We are going to a hot country but not in my own land.

I'm sorry guys for not visiting you for the past few weeks and i promise to visit you soon. Wait for me and i will disturb you again. hehehe... I will also get and post all the awards and tagged that you gave me. I think i have to search them and dig up on your blog first to find them. hehehe... And for those who want to exchange link with me, ohhhh, i'll link you up as soon as i come back from work. Sorry guys for my late reply.

Oopppsss..Belated Happy Hearts Day everyone! I'm always late, i know! hehehe...

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