Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bamboo forest (Daenamu)

Daenamu (Bamboo forest) is located in Damyang. I love this way going to the forest.

And here's the information guide that we see at the entrance.

Damyang bamboo park is a theme park landscaped with bamboo. Stroll into the forest of bamboo trees and you will be greeted with clear and aromatic air that resembles that of deep scent of bamboo trees. Relax yourself and free your mind inside the bamboo forest.

The forest paths are surrounded by bamboo trees stretching high into the sky.

Inside the forest is this area that is a good place for a picnic.

The Bamboo Theme Park is a filming site for many movies, including Sword in the Moon (starring Choi Min Soo and Jo Jae Hyun) and Blue Swallow (starring Kim Joo Hyuk and Jang Jin Young), as well as TV dramas, such as Summer Scent (with Song Seung Hun and Son Ye Jin) and Damo (with Ha Ji Won and Lee Suh Jin).

And there are shops that sell stuffs which made of bamboos.

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