Sunday, May 5, 2013

Namhae Ferry Terminal

We decided to go to Namhae to eat seafoods but my hubby said that we have traveled too far so just eating and going home makes our shoulders heavy and a little bit disappointed so while we are heading home, we saw a signboard saying Namhae Ferry Terminal so we followed the signs and arrived here.

Although it was already dusk but you can still see the beautiful view of the sea which makes us more relax and comfortable. We thought that we came at the right place because we saw at least a wonderful part of Namhae.

There's also a lighthouse where some people fishing near to it. People seem to have fun fishing and I really wanted to see them catch some fish but my hubby said that we had to leave because it would take several hours to get home.

Truly that Namhae is a beautiful place to visit.

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