Friday, March 4, 2011

It's Freezing

I was going to the library to return the books that I have borrowed. I thought it was hot because the sun was so bright. I was wearing thin clothes and put on a coat and took an umbrella. But when I walked out from the elevator, oh gosh, it was too cold and windy. It was freezing even when the sun was shining. I couldn't endure the cold so I went back home to change my clothes and leave the umbrella. I also put on a scarf. I can't imagine myself wearing a scarf in March. I though spring is coming because I can see some buds on some trees.

I hope the season will be changed soon. I can't wait to see flowers and feel the warmth of spring.

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Seoulgrub said...

Springtime is here! Gotta soak in the great weather before it gets too hot!