Saturday, November 21, 2009

Influenza in Korea

Who won't be afraid of the influenza when there are many people specially students who got the disease? Also, entertainers couldn't escape in this contagious disease. One of the entertainer's son also died because of it. There are many students who couldn't go to school for a week or more even when they just have a cold or fever. Teachers don't allow them to enter the school when they are sick. Parents also don't let their kids to go out when they are sick because they have to watch their kids carefully. They are afraid that it will turn into the disease that most people are afraid of. Last Friday, students received shots against influenza. Teachers also reminded them not to go to their private institutes or any academies. They advice them to stay home on that day.

I hope everything will be alright and I hope that the students and everyone will be free from the disease. I also hope that everyone will stay healthy.

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