Thursday, November 6, 2008

Two korean calendars

I got 4 missed calls today. Three from my hubby and another one from my sister in law. I called hubby and he said he was calling me because he just wanna make sure if I already told my boss that I'm gonna quit my job. I'm quitting my job because we have to focus on our new business to be opened next month.

After dinner, I received another call from my sister in law asking me if we're coming on my father in law's birthday. I didn't know that this month is my father in law's birthday. I checked the organizer on my cellphone and I saw that my father in law's bday is next month. I also checked the calendar and my hubby also marked the next month calendar for my father in law's birhtday. It's too confusing to use two calendars, the Solar Calendar and Lunar Calendar. Can you blame me for that? Of course, you can! In Korea, it's not excuse if you forgot or made a mistake in marking the calendar for your in law's birthdays. I'm so grateful that I have a sister in law who always reminds for every special occasion like this or else my parents in law will kick my ass!

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